Can Huskies be Vegan?

We know you want the best for your fur baby. Switching their diet requires research, time and effort. At v-dog, we're all dog parents and dog lovers...and we're here to help! Check out the research and testimonials below related to your dog's breed and, as always, feel free to email us at with any questions!


Sprint-racing huskies

Very few dogs have greater energy needs than sprint-racing huskies. Accordingly, a 2009 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition compared the health, and in particular, the haematological parameters (focusing on red blood cell counts) of six vegetarian dogs with six others maintained on a commercial meat-based diet for 16 weeks, including 10 weeks of competitive racing. Haematology results for all dogs were within the normal range throughout the study and the consulting veterinarian assessed all dogs to be in excellent physical condition. No dogs developed anaemia. On the contrary, red blood cell counts and haemoglobin values increased significantly over time in both groups.

At v-dog, we love all doggies, which is why we support the #adoptdontshop movement. To find your next best friend, please visit a local pound, dog rescue or a site like Shelter Pet Project or Petfinder :) 

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