Canadian Airlines Allow Pets To Fly Coach As Many Flee Wildfires


via World Animal News

"CANADA: More than 80,000 Fort McMurray residents were forced to leave their homes as the most horrific fire in the country’s history threatened their city. Some desperate residents were forced to leave their possessions behind, including their pets. Animal rescue groups have made attempts to rescue and reunite pets with their owners, while civilian volunteers have made trips to the area in order to rescue trapped pets within abandoned homes. Several Canadian airlines, including Canadian North, Suncor Energy, and WestJet, have stepped up to help, as they’ve temporarily abandoned their strict restrictions with regards to passengers flying with their pets."

"“There’s been nothing really usual about what’s taking place,” said Lauren Stewart, a WestJet spokesperson. “People have just shown up there with whatever they could grab, pets included.” What IS unusual is that the airlines allowed pets to travel within the main cabin, without requiring a carrier or a kennel. One Canadian North flight relocated 130 human passengers, as well as 19 dogs, five cats, and two turtles."

"Suncor Energy’s manager of operations and pilot Keith Mann:  “It was like 101 Dalmations on a plane, except it involved cats, dogs, rabbits and chinchillas . . . you name it.” Mann continued, “We’re all animal lovers here. We knew it was important for owners to re-connect with them.” Generally, Suncor planes only allow a few animals on a plane per trip, and require them to be secured within a kennel. We thank all of the airlines and their staff that made life-saving exceptions in order to protect animals from this deadly and tragic fire."


We're very happy all these companion animals were able to be transported safely! :) Do you think these airlines are PAWSOME? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Image credits: (boredpanda, dailymail

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