Happiness for Dolphins and Whales! Cetaceans Banned from Vancouver Aquarium

After years of controversy and debate, the Vancouver Park Board officially approved bylaw amendments banning the Vancouver Aquarium from bringing in new dolphins, porpoises, whales, and narwhals (a group of animals known as "cetaceans"). This ban will also prevent the use of these animals as any form of entertainment.

Decision-makers have come to the conclusion that cetaceans should not be kept in captivity, but aquarium president and CEO John Nightingale refuted, "There are no other long-term homes or options in Canada for rescued, non-releasable cetaceans." He has rounded up a crowd of supporters to protest the Park Board's decision.

However, their battle will undoubtedly be uphill at this point. NPA park commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung points out, "At the end of the day this isn't a political decision, this is the right decision."


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Featured image credit: Vancouver Sun

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