Lab Skips Animal Testing for Coronavirus Vaccine

March 19, 2020

In the fastest turnaround in history, the coronavirus vaccine has been sent straight to clinical trials and bypassed traditional animal testing at a Seattle lab.

45 individuals have received their first injection and will be followed for 1 year. Typically, any new drug has to be run through many species of non-human animals before it is tested on humans. In the case of COVID-19, things are much more urgent. While other labs worldwide have followed traditional animal testing practices for the vaccine, this Seattle lab has reprioritized and removed the animal testing component from their lab's process.

Historically, many drugs that successfully treat illnesses in animals end up failing in humans. Animal advocates have pushed for alternative methods, not only to save animal lives but to avoid relying on the often dangerous assumption that humans and non-humans will react similarly to drugs. COVID-19 is making history by bending the rules.

Listen to the latest episode of the PETA Podcast for the full story.


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