Ditch fur, help animals!

Snuggle Coats, an Australian organization dedicated to helping rescued wildlife, has come up with a way to put our old fur coats to good use. Instead of throwing out old furs, you can donate them to be repurposed as beds and blankets for rescued baby animals. 

Here are some of the rescued cuties cuddling up with their Snuggle Coats.

Orphaned Cedric lost his family to a car accident, but found comfort in a Snuggle Coat donated by a caring member of the public. Thanks to the North-West Tasmania Wildlife Rescue group and Save the Devil, he was successfully released back into a safe area.


King, an Agile Wallaby joey, immediately buried his head and curled up into the fur. His handler, Amy, said it gave him instant comfort and security.


Barney the brushtail possum enjoys snuggling up in his donated fur while waiting for his own coat to grow.
Anzac, a four month old wombat, snuggles up at Wombat Ridge Wildlife Shelter.


Interested in donating your fur? Check out Snuggle Coats for more details.


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Source and image credits: Animals Australia

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