Do Dogs Prefer Meat?

You may not be able to imagine your dog choosing a piece of broccoli over a piece of bacon. But is this preference a learned behavior, or an instinctual inevitability? Recent studies have explored the root of dogs' preference for "meaty" meals.

Despite pet food marketing messages telling you that your pup should eat like a wolf, dogs are naturally omnivorous, which means they have the genes necessary to digest carbohydrates. The AMY2B gene, which codes for pancreatic amylase and is responsible for the breakdown of carbs, has multiplied as domestic dogs have evolved away from their wolflike ancestors.  

A study published in Ethology, Ecology and Evolution discovered that feral dogs prefer foods that smell fragrantly of meat over foods that have a higher meat content. It appeared that the smell was more important to the dogs' decisions than the actual amount of protein.

In another study, published in Journal of Ethology, researchers found that puppies did not share the same preference for meaty-smelling foods. The puppies ate the various food options equally, which suggests that dogs learn a preference for foods with a high meat content through experience, such as by observing their mothers.

It appears that dogs come to recognize and favor certain foods using indicators like smell, but that their preference for meat is not innate. As omnivores, dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet and can even learn to prefer plant foods. 

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  • Greetings from Australia:
    My two dogs, brother and sister 12 years old thrive on a daily meal of 50/50 cooked (but cold) organic brown rice and Vegan Dog Food. You’d be hard pressed to find a pair of dogs healthier and stronger than these two. When people ask me what I feed my dogs I tell them, but they insist that dogs need meat and bones. The same people usually also argue that we need meat ourselves too. There are many plant based alternatives for dogs (and people) to chew on, even the ends of a loaf of bread. I also have a 12 year old pet emu who waits every day for a handful of my dogs vegan dinner, I found out he loves it when I accidentally dropped some a few years ago. Would have loved to send you a few photos. Wishing all pets and their carers a happy healthy life, from Down Under.

    Bob Oort on
  • Utterly precious posting, thank you so much for it, sharing for sure!!!

    Jo Alex SG on
  • I know for a fact that in Gujarat State of India are Hindus. The cow is sacred. These local people eat no meat. The cats and dogs live and thrive on vegetarian diet. The Western World can not understand or believe this!!!😢😭

    Narotam Lathia on

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