Dog with Tummy Troubles? Try a Vegan Diet!

If your pup has chronic symptoms like loose stool, gas, or vomiting, they might be suffering from a food sensitivity. Before you jump to a popular "grain-free" meat-based option, keep in mind that beef, chicken, and dairy products are the top three most common food allergens in dogs (according to this 2016 study). Lamb, egg, and fish also rank high on the list.

A complete and balanced plant-based diet eliminates these allergens and provides easily-digestible protein that has relieved countless dogs of their uncomfortable symptoms. Check out these stories from 5 dogs who have reaped the benefits of a plant-based diet!


"My dog Nikita has been on V-Dog for almost 6 months now and I took her for blood work. Her doctor says, 'Perfect! Stay on this diet!!' Since starting on V-Dog food, her GI problems have disappeared! No more gas, bloating, or angry bouts of diarrhea... She still runs and plays as much as she has, but without the issues of bad joints - she's even been able to stop all her supplements. She's a brand new dog!!"

- Ariella


Tilly & Maggie

"I have had my 2 Shih Tzus (one 3 years old, one 11 years old) on v-dog kibble for just under a month and it has already helped SO MUCH with their skin issues. My one dog has been allergic to chicken based foods and many other foods since I've had her as a puppy and I adopted my 11 year old - she came with terrible digestive issues, including blocked anal glands, and has been extremely itchy, licking her paws all the time, etc. I have noticed a DRASTIC difference since they've been on this food. They love it! And they poop so much more frequently and with ease now! (must be a relief - LOL)"

- Jessica



"I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome product. My French Bulldog, Ula, has had constant ear infections, skin problems, and digestive issues. Since switching to your brand she has had none of these problems and has had much more energy. She is also a picky eater and your kibble is the only brand she has immediately liked. I'm so grateful for v-dog because it has taken so much anxiety off my plate."

- Sarah



"V-dog basically saved my dog Laydie’s life, and also saved me thousands of dollars in additional testing ordered for her intestinal/digestion issues.  It was an incredibly difficult time and I’m so grateful for V-dog.  She loves the food so much and I’ve never seen her so excited to eat.  Her digestion is better than it was before she got ill and she’s just a completely different dog."

- Mystie


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V-dog makes nutritionally complete kibble, organic treats, and yummy breathbones perfect for sensitive pups! Our products are free of corn, soy, wheat, fillers, animal products, and byproducts. Learn more below about the many health benefits of a vegan diet for dogs.

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  • When you feed your pooch a Vegan diet, it’s the best for him as well they do not produce filthy smelly feces. My dog is being given vegetarian diet for the last 5 years and he is very healthy & a happy pooch.

    Manel Dias on

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