Why V-dog Changed the Game for This Vet Tech

As a dog parent, it can be hard to know what to feed your pup when your vet is telling you one thing, the internet is telling you another, and your friend at the dog park swears by something else. 

Eayveen and Eretria are the fur babies of Kathleen, a vet tech who has searched high and low for a dog food that is not only nutritious, but truly clean. 

Eayveen (left) is a white, petite Pit Bull, and Eretria is Pit Bull, Boxer, and Basenji mix.

"As the lead technician in many veterinary hospitals across the nation for 15 years, I am very careful about anything I change for my pets," says Kathleen. With nutrition a priority, she is thorough in her research and does her absolute best to keep toxins out of her home.

When Kathleen's previous dog was taken from her by cancer, she was shocked. "How could she have gotten cancer if her food was truly clean? That is when I came to the conclusion that no meat product was clean enough to not contribute to disease."

Kathleen began to look outside the box. "Going against the grain of what the veterinarians recommended became my norm very early on after learning about the disgusting, contaminated ingredients in even the prescription brands," she says.

For Kathleen and her pups, v-dog was a game-changer. She has seen their skin rashes and bad gas completely clear up since making the switch. "It's hard to remember my pups ever suffered from those afflictions," she says.

Plus, she loves that it makes life simple: "I don't have to worry about my dogs eating healthy. I don't have to drive to the store to get it. And I don't have to go through multiple steps to prepare it."

And the best part is, Eayveen and Eretria love the food! "Our dogs are trained to sit and wait for their release command while I get their food ready. They can hardly stand the wait. They wiggle, drool, and as soon as I release them, they can't eat fast enough!" says Kathleen.

In the veterinary world, Kathleen comes across mixed viewpoints on vegan diets for dogs. "I wish all veterinarians would be interested in asking questions and learning. I check my dogs' blood work regularly, and 4 years later it is always superb! Having confidence in a pet food finally after searching for almost 20 years is a wonderful thing."

Want to learn more about v-dog? Check out our nutrition page and read hundreds more stories from thriving vegan dogs.


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