Euthanasia Drug Found in Popular Canned Dog Food

Just before the new year, Evanger's Pet Food company learned that a few dogs became sick after eating their canned "Hunk of Beef" dog food. The company sent their product to the lab and started an investigation, which ultimately resulted in voluntary recall of the product. 

In a YouTube video earlier this month, members from the company discussed that they didn't know what pentobarbital was before googling it themselves. This drug is most commonly used by veterinarians to euthanize animals. 

From the Associated Press: 


Here at v-dog, we don't use any animal products, so there is no possibility that dangerous euthanasia drugs like pentobarbital will end up in your dog's food. We also never use any corn, soy or wheat to ensure our food is the healthiest, most delicious and complete option for your pup.

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