Get Ready for Tons of New Veg Options at Taco Bell

Vegan fast food options are getting a major boost in 2019, thanks to Taco Bell's new menu. According the Business Insider, "The chain says it has 38 American Vegetarian Association-certified ingredients that can be combined to create 8 million certified-vegetarian options." 

Taco Bell's menu is fully customizable, which makes the chain a go-to fast food spot for many vegans and vegetarians. According to a 2017 report, 6% of Americans now identify as vegan -- a major uptick from 2014's 1%. Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants like Carl's Jr are taking note and receiving major applause from plant-based eaters.

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Source: Business Insider

Featured image: Taco Bell


  • Thalli, my 9 yr, 12 lb Chuahuah mix inhales her food so the small Kibble works well for her.
    She also has food from my table, begging for potato’s, tomato’s, broccoli, corn, on the cob-a favorite, cooked
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    Ron Rothe on

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