#GreenFriday: Free State Park Entry for Black Friday 2016

Moutains. Fresh air. Tall trees. Sparkling water.

Do these words appeal to you more than malls, lines and crowds? Then you might love what some state parks are doing this year!

Save the Redwoods League and the California State Parks Foundation are supporting the cause to provide free passes to state parks on Black Friday.

Connect with other people heading outdoors for the holiday: "Anyone who participates in the day can take photos of themselves outdoors and post to social media using the hashtag #OptOutside. California State Parks is also using two other hashtags, #GreenFriday and #CAstateparks, on Twitter and Instagram." (Read the full story on KQED)

What's better than a good 'ol outing in nature? Bringing your best fur bud along! Check out this page for info on taking your dog with you to enjoy California state parks! 

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