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Greyhound Racing To End In Arizona, Dozens Of Dogs In Need Of Homes

Posted by support@v-dog.com (Tess Soper) on November 16, 2016 0 Comments


via World Animal News

"Dog racing in Arizona will be coming to an end after the state Senate voted 28-0 to send the law to the governor’s desk. If the governor signs as expected, the Tucson Greyhound Park will close on December 31st, 2016. Although this is wonderful news, potentially hundreds of greyhounds will need to find a new home."


"Greyhound racing has been plagued with accusations of abuse and neglect for years. Commercial dog racing is illegal in 39 states. In five states, Oregon, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, and Connecticut, all dog tracks have closed and ended live racing. In Indiana, West Virginia, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama and Florida, pari-mutuel dog racing is still legal."


"Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption says that some dogs will be relocated to other race tracks around the country, while some will be returned to their owners. The rescue is prepared to gradually take in all of the greyhounds: ”Whenever our trainer calls us, we are going to be taking two at a time almost every weekend starting probably next weekend,” said the president of the rescue, Jean Williams."


We are SO happy to see this decline in dog racing. If you would like to adopt or foster a retired greyhound please visit Adopt a Greyhound for a list of Greyhound Rescues in AZ and your own state. #AdoptDontShop

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