Hamilton: The Vegan Pitbull with Heart of Gold (Rescue Story!)

Maybe you saw our most recent video with handsome Hamilton the v-dog. We're here to share more about this awesome boy's story with you!

Here is how Angela, Hamilton's mom, remembers that special day:

The day I went in to get a dog, I had no idea I would be coming home with Hamilton. My rescue boy Rez, had just passed away. Not even week went by before I decided I
couldn’t go another minute in a dog-free home. So I began looking at dog rescues and
shelters. I had visited a few, but I had to be very selective because I had a 1 year old girl
to consider when making my choice. I found Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco. The
name just seemed to fit, since I was looking for the newest member of our family.

I found an adorable pittie mix, so we made an appointment to visit. When we met him, he was such a good boy, just a little too hyper for my young daughter, he was a big boy at nearly 90 lbs.

So it was back to the drawing board with Luba, the Family Dog coordinator who was
helping me. She was currently fostering Hamilton, so he was just hanging out in the office with her. I got back on the computer to look at the other dogs available and as I was searching through, I naturally found myself petting and loving on Hamilton as I worked.

Violet, my daughter was running around the office, hugging him, sitting with him, and
playing with him on his bed. As I looked up a few dogs to meet next, Luba told me that
Hamilton was also up for adoption. It hadn’t even crossed my mind.

His background sounded sketchy at best. He was found roaming the streets of San
Francisco and placed into a high-kill shelter. With his cropped ears and muscular build, he future was not looking good. But Family Dog Rescue stepped in and saw his incredible nature and rescued him. He was taken in by Luba who had 2 other dogs that he lived with. His life was forever changed.

Once she told me his story, I got onto the floor and began asking him if he wanted to
come home with us. His calm and gentle demeanor told me everything I needed to know. He was going to be part of our family. He was incredible with my daughter and anyone he meets. Although he was only about 1.5 when I got him, he was such an old soul. I was in LOVE!

I took him home, and he laid in the back with his head resting on Violet’s carseat the entire ride home.

Once he was home he immediately became a v-dog! He loved his new food, and within the first month his coat became super shiny and his eyes sparkled more than ever. He continues to enjoy his vegan breathbones, wiggle biscuits and kibble. He is also a big fan of fresh fruits and veggies too. This boy is a natural born vegan!

Today he continues to be the love of my life. He comes with me everywhere I go and makes more friends than I can keep track of. He draws people in and transforms those
who hold the “vicious pit bull” stereo-type. I have been told by people more than once that they would gladly take him off my hands.

As for Hamilton, he has found his forever home, but there are plenty more dogs who are
just as amazing, waiting to be the love of your life! Thank you Family Dog Rescue for the most incredible member of my family, he will always been one in a million to me!

- - -

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