Healthy, Happy...Vegan -- Bulldog Puppies!


Are you wondering if your puppy can thrive on a vegan diet? Well, we have the answer for you! We're excited to share Kristina Plummer's (@bulldogstuff) story of her bully babies' vegan journey... enjoy!



"After experiencing a complete transformation with my oldest dog, Bubbah, on a plant-based diet, I searched for vegan puppy food and realized there wasn’t any. I took to veterinarian suggestions of protein content and essential vitamins & nutrients and compared their list to the ingredients and analysis of v-dog. They happened to exceed the veterinarian recommendations, regardless of the standards required for companies to qualify a dog food formula as a “puppy” formula. To ensure the optimum health & development for my puppies, I did some things that I believe made the process easier for my them to digest the food (I would switch it up, doing one or all of the proceeding steps):

  • Soften kibble 

  • Blend kibble

  • Add any of the following fresh or frozen organic: lentils, steamed peas, kale, broccoli, spinach, and parsley

  • Add organic unsalted peanut butter

  • Add hemp seeds 

  • Add nutritional yeast

I started the process of switching both of my puppies, Bodhi and Butters, at 9 and 11 weeks old, respectively, using this ratio. While they first experienced the typical runny bowel movements, after about two weeks they had normal bowel movements and were just as healthy, if not healthier, than any puppy I’ve ever had. We did the usual vet visits for puppy shots and check-ups and the vets were all impressed with their health and appearance. Within weeks I began to see Butter's tear stains disappear. I am confident that the vegan diet is the only reason my middle puppy, Bodhi, has never developed tear stains - a common issue with bulldogs.

Because of the bulldog stereotype of the breed being unfit and naturally unhealthy, I began exercise with them at 3 months old. We would walk at least 2 miles each day, and each day they would want to go faster and longer. In the nearly two and three years that my dogs have now been vegan, they are some of the healthiest, happiest bulldogs on the planet. Their vet visits are incredibly rewarding because of everyone’s amazement at their impeccable health. Neither Bodhi nor Butters have ever developed a health issue, their coats are still puppy soft & shiny, and they have no tear stains - all phenomenal feats for a bulldog.

My oldest, Bubbah, has been on a plant-based diet for over 4 years and will turn 10 this month! This lifestyle is assuredly the most beneficial diet for him, as he hasn’t experienced any health issues since, his allergies are gone, his tear stains have diminished, his coat is just as soft as my young boys, and his oral health has improved. Almost everyone who meets him is shocked to find out that he’s 10 because of his great energy and appearance.  

I am so happy that I put my dogs on a plant-based diet and I am positive that this lifestyle is the reason so many people choose to follow their lives and admire their health." 

Bodhi and Butters are living proof that puppies can thrive on a nutritionally complete vegan diet! Check out our testimonials page to see more beautiful thriving v-dog puppies!

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