How to Transition your Dog to V-dog!


Welcome to the v-dog Fam! We're so excited for your pup to try their new PAWSOME plant-based kibble! Here are some feeding guidelines to follow when transitioning your pup to v-dog!

Feeding Guidelines

Please remember that all dogs are individuals and their appetites differ according to age, lifestyle and activity level. This is only a guide, after all - no one knows your pup better than you!

Introduce 1/3 V-dog to 2/3 of your current food and gradually transition to 100% V-dog kibble over a 5-10 day period.

V-dog may be fed either dry or with water added. We recommend a morning and evening serving. Always provide clean drinking water.


Some fur babies like their v-dog so much that they gobble up all the v-dog kibble and leave their old food behind!  See this pawmazing testimonial below:

Ate around the old food!

"I mixed in my old (non vegan) dog food for my dog and she ate around the old food to ONLY eat the v-dog. I am not kidding. Anyhow, thank you for an outstanding product so that we have a family of healthy, strong vegans! She runs 10+ miles with me as I am a vegan ultra-runner so she gets all her needs from v-dog!"

--Sima Tamaddon 

How did your pup's transition go? Please let us know in the comments below!


For more info on our vegan dog products:


Image credit: @fresherfuture on Instagram


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