Kibble Price Increase

Friends of V-dog,
This is Dave, founder and owner of V-dog. I wanted to personally let you know that, unfortunately, we need to raise our price on our kibble by about 10%.

This is because our two biggest costs—our high-quality ingredients and FREE shipping—have each gone up by 20-40% in the last few years. We’re always doing what we can to absorb the price hikes and have resisted charging for shipping—we want and intend to keep shipping FREE.

Rest assured, we will never alter or comprise the the three pillars of V-dog; the health of your pooch, as expressed in the quality of our ingredients, not harming animals to feed animals, and ensuring your pooch leaves a smaller "paw" print on our environment.

The health and future of v-dog rests on transparency of our pricing challenges and, above all, on the amazing support of loyal customers like yourself.

Please remember, by choosing V-dog, you’re making a big difference…not just for your pooch but for the planet as well. Your support means a great deal to us as a company and team of passionate people behind it. We hope you’ll stick with us and maybe even take a moment to tell a friend or two about us. The more we grow, the more affordable our products can be.

The new pricing will go into effect 12/1/13. Our hope is that giving you a heads up will help minimize the impact.

Thank you for your understanding. We have exciting things in store for V-dog and our four-legged friends!

Dave & the V-dog Team
New Kibble Pricing

Please get in touch at with any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you!