Largest US Dairy Producer Files for Bankruptcy

Dean Foods, the largest dairy milk producer in the US, has filed for bankruptcy. Dairy Pure, TruMoo, and Land O'Lakes milk are among the national and regional brands owned by Dean Foods. 

In the wake of declining dairy sales, Dean Foods has been struggling with debt and reported a net loss for seven out of the last eight quarters. In 2018, the dairy giant terminated 100 milk contractors and closed a total of seven processing plants.

"Despite our best efforts to make our business more agile and cost-efficient, we continue to be impacted by a challenging operating environment marked by continuing declines in consumer milk consumption,” says Eric Beringause, president and CEO.

Since the 1970s, dairy milk consumption has been on a steady decline. In the last two decades alone, sales fell 26%, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Plant-based milks continue to see a steady rise in sales.

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