Dogs Made of Kale?! MailChimp Showcases the most Vegan Dog Ad Ever (Video)

Mailchimp has a new creative marketing campaign out and if you live in San Francisco, you might have seen it on your underground commute to work. Various subway billboard ads show big, funky phrases like MailShrimp, JailBlimp and FailChips with appropriate matching imagery. 

Our favorite? KaleLimp. Once you see the ad, you:

1. Think 

2. Google

3. Land here


The video starts off by a waiter jotting down an order, followed by dogs frolicking, jumping in a pool and shaking off water. 


Look a bit closer and you realize...

The dogs in their video are made entirely made out of vegetables. 


Then a waiter serves a piece of the kale that was shaken off one of the dogs to a couple in an eerily empty restaurant. 

 See the entire video here

At the end of it all, the website can redirect you to the MailChimp site and the world starts to make sense again.

Kudos on potentially creating the most vegan dog ad yet, MC! 


Team v-dog 



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