Meet this Rescue's Plant-Powered Pups

Erin Nissen founded Durango Animal Connection to focus on rescuing animals off the reservations in her area. After fostering through her local Humane Society, she realized that she wanted to have a closer connection with adopters so that she could see her animals grow up in loving homes. She also knew that she wanted to feed her foster animals a vegan diet. In 2014, she established Durango Animal Connection to make her goals a reality.

"I choose to feed my foster dogs a vegan diet because I believe in living a compassionate life for all living beings, not just my pets," says Erin. 

Erin strives to live a life of compassion for all animals. "I work very hard to save the lives of my rescue dogs and cats and try to help them grow strong and healthy while respecting the lives of the animals around us as well.  I find it just doesn't sit well with me to care so deeply for my foster pets while feeding them food made from other animals who had to suffer and die."

The dogs that Erin takes in are almost always in very poor health. "They are malnourished, dehydrated, tick infested, filthy, underweight and have been abused," she says. "Feeding my pups v-dog has helped them to grow strong and healthy.  They gain weight, their coats grow in shiny and beautiful, and they start to receive the loving care they so desperately crave." 

"I have seen my dogs grow into healthy, beautiful dogs in a matter of weeks after feeding them v-dog."

Thanks to Erin for choosing a compassionate, healthy diet for her rescue pups! Learn more about her organization here.


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