Meet Our Plant-Powered Team...And Their Pups!

July 20, 2020

V-dog is proudly vegan owned and operated. Since 2005, our team of plant-powered pooch experts have been hard at work to provide your pup with the ultimate vegan nutrition. Meet our pawesome team members and their rescued fur babies!

Lindsay & Piglet

🍪  What is your favorite vegan treat to share with your pup? Chickpeas!

🏖️  What is your pup's favorite summer activity? Sunbathing or hiking

🌱  Why do you feed your pup vegan? If there's a food my dog loves that provides all of the nutrition they need without harming other animals, I will always choose this option!


Angela & Hamilton

🍪  What is your favorite vegan treat to share with your pup? He loves cold watermelon, always makes a giant mess when chomping on a big piece!

🏖️  What is your pup's favorite summer activity? Lounging in the sun

🌱  Why do you feed your pup vegan? I feed my dog vegan because I have found it to be the healthiest option for him. After seeing the many benefits of going plant-based myself and learning how dogs are omnivores and can also do great on a vegan diet, I made the decision. After switching my rescues over to v-dog their eyes sparkled more, their coat became extra soft and shiny and they were full of energy. The decision couldn't be easier.


Justin & Finn

🍪  What is your favorite vegan treat to share with your pup? I'll steam a big bowl of carrots, broccoli, and spinach for the two of us. And if I cut up a red pepper to add to his portion, he's in heaven.

🏖️  What is your pup's favorite summer activity? He loves going on road trips to the coast and running along the shore of the beach. He won't swim, but he's happiest getting his paws wet.

🌱  Why do you feed your pup vegan? I don't believe in harming animals, and I want to protect (and help heal) the environment for the future of all animals, including humans and pups.


Angela & (from left to right, back to front) Baloo, Taz, Dahlia, Nala, Brent, and Loki

🍪  What is your favorite vegan treat to share with your pups? They haven't yet met a snack they didn't like! Broccoli and peanut butter are definitely a couple of their favs, though.

🏖️  What are your pups' favorite summer activities? Baloo loves the water (both swimming and playing with the hose), Taz likes to sunbathe and then cuddle with Baloo in the AC, Dahlia and Nala enjoy exploring and jumping onto things (rocks, tables, playground equipment, you name it!), Brent loves to run super short bursts, Loki likes to chase lizards he'll never catch, and they all LOVE going on fun walks and adventures together!

🌱  Why do you feed your pups vegan? It's healthy, tasty, and no one else has to suffer for them to thrive.


Marian & Jilly

🍪  What is your favorite vegan treat to share with your pup? Tofu with peanut butter

🏖️  What is your pup's favorite summer activity? Chasing other dogs at the beach!

🌱  Why do you feed your pup vegan? Jilly loves her vegan food and it makes me happy that no animals have to be harmed in order for her to live her best life. 

 V-dog is celebrating 15 years of business! Since 2005, we've seen pups of all shapes and sizes benefit from our plant-powered nutrition. Check out some of their incredible stories here, and learn more about the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs here

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