My Dog Went Vegan — Here's What Happened

My dog River was always a picky eater. I was constantly trying new dog food brands to find what he liked or to keep him interested. He would get bored of one before we could finish a bag.

Then I went vegan and as my diet changed, more frequently I could be found chopping veggies in the kitchen. And there he found himself too, begging to try what I was chopping. Since I didn't have a plan for that broccoli stalk, why not let him try it? As soon as I offered it up, he grabbed that stalk like it was a prized gift and ran with it to the couch where he could chomp it more comfortably. I realized that River already loved so many ‘vegan’ foods like watermelon, carrots, popcorn, apples, peanut butter, cabbage, potatoes, and cauliflower. If I felt healthier eating plant-based foods, maybe he could too. 

I found v-dog and I loved all the information they provided from veterinarians who agreed that it was a complete and healthy diet for all dogs. V-dog kibble is nutritionally complete and balanced, meets AAFCO requirements, and is free of byproducts, fillers, and common allergens. 

River has had a history of allergies and hotspots, and his allergies have drastically improved since switching to v-dog! I was surprised to learn that the most commonly reported food allergens in dogs are actually animal proteins: chicken, beef, dairy, and egg, according to Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University. River isn't the only one who has experienced allergy relief after switching to v-dog — check out stories from other allergy-prone pups here.

River still likes variety in his food - so I add whatever cooked veggies I have on hand to stir into his v-dog and keep it interesting for him. Some of his favorite add-ons are sweet potato, rice, pumpkin puree, and hummus. 

Switching to v-dog was simple, and my dog is as happy and healthy as ever!

- Renee Carnegie, vegan dog mom


V-dog uses superfood ingredients along with vegan vitamins and minerals to make food for dogs that is totally cruelty-free and planet-approved. We've been producing and selling our kibble and treats since 2005 with rave reviews from both pups and pet parents. Learn more about who we are.

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