Overweight Dog? Try a Plant-Based Diet

Obesity is an all-to-common issue with dogs in America. Exercise and a healthy diet have been shown to combat weight gain in dogs, but with so many options to choose from, which type of "healthy" diet is optimal for weight maintenance in dogs? 

A new report shows 1 in 3 pets are overweight. 

"Banfield Pet Hospital's 2017 State of Pet Health report found that one in three pets who visited Banfield pet facilities in 2016 was overweight or obese. The annual report details health habits of the 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats who visited facilities across the country in 2016." 

According to Banfield veterinary researcher Dr. Kirk Breuninger, a significant trend in pet weight gain started about five years ago. "More than 20 disease conditions have been linked with pets being overweight," Breuninger says. As in humans, weight gain in dogs is linked to common diseases like arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.  

Plant-based: a surprising solution for chubby pups? 

Also as in humans, overweight dogs who switch from a meat-based diet to a (complete and balanced) plant-based diet often experience weight loss and improved weight maintenance

At v-dog, we've seen thousands of dogs thrive on our complete and balanced vegan kibble. A significant portion of those dogs were dogs with weight issues who shed excess pounds and improved their quality of life.

Our formula is highly digestible with nutrient-dense super foods like pea protein, quinoa and lentils. 



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V-dog is an all-vegan, San Francisco-based company that makes plant-powered kibble and treats for your pooch. Our nutritionally complete & balanced formula is not only healthy - it's super tasty too. Just ask these thousands of pups thriving on our kibble!

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