Pet Food Industry Cites Vegetables as Solution for Pet Nutrition

According to a new article by, "Vegetable sources could be a 'panacea' for pet nutrition in the future." 

The article's sub headline reads, "To meet demand for sustainable pet food, the industry may have to turn to unconventional sources for protein."

An expert cited in the article, Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, associate professor at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine said, "Sufficient protein for cats and dogs can be found in numerous vegetable sources such as land cress, purple kale, dandelion, red chard, beet greens, brewer’s yeast and duckweed." 

“Really, we should be trying to incorporate more of these vegetable proteins into our foods."


Dr. Wakshlag delves into how feeding pets plant proteins has essentially become taboo, and said, "If only we could market it to the masses. We just have a harder time doing that because of the marketing that we have ingrained in our entire population.”

Well, Dr. Wakshlag - we like your style! That is just what we're here to do: to provide nutritionally-complete, environmentally sustainable plant-based dog food for the masses. 

The article also explains that there is a general need for "less energy and resources" put into producing sufficient protein for pets and uses rendered animals and "fished and hunted" animals as a possible solution...

The truth is, we've seen Cowspiracy, we've read Comfortably Unaware and we know that all animal agriculture, including fishing, is destroying our planet. This is why we use plant-based pea protein in our delicious, nutritious dog kibble



As the industry continue to move towards the plant-based 'panacea,' V-dog will be there every step of the way, providing the same level of quality in our products that we have been since 2005. Thank you for your support of our family business along the way!

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For more info on V-dog's nutritionally complete, sustainable, ethical kibble and treats, check out our FAQ page! 

More info: Dogs are Not Wolves: Amylase, Starch Digestion and Vegan Diets

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