Pet Food Industry Event Highlights Plant-Based Ingredients

An upcoming event called Petfood Forum 2017 is preparing to feature a discussion where four out of the five ingredients highlighted are plant-based. This is big news for an industry generally focused on animal-products and meat-heavy ingredients.

"Petfood Forum 2017 will feature a novel ingredients track in which attendees will learn about unfamiliar and non-traditional dog and cat food ingredients..."

Here are the four plant-based ingredients they plan to highlight:


"Miscanthus fiber in pet food may help address obesity in cats and dogs. Miscanthus, a fast-growing grass, may provide eco-friendly fiber that pet food formulators can use to reduce the caloric density of weight-loss pet foods. At Petfood Forum 2017, Renan Donadelli, doctoral student at Kansas State University, will present his research on miscanthus as a novel pet food ingredient."


"Sorghum may be milled into a functional pet food ingredient with health benefits in dogs, according to Isabella Alvarenga, DVM, doctoral student at Kansas State University. Alvarenga will explain her research on sorghum flour and sorghum mill-feed as functional and nutritional pet food ingredients."

Peas and other pulses

"Processing affects the functionality of protein extracted from peas for use in pet food, according to Fred van de Velde, PhD, principal scientist with NIZO Food Research. At Petfood Forum 2017, he will discuss how the nutrients in peas and other pulse crops, such as broad bean, react to processing."


"A clinical veterinary nutritionist will reveal the results of a study on dry beans as a protein and fiber source and discuss beans’ implications for dog health and disease. Jonathan Stockman, DVN, DACVN, a post-doctoral researcher at Colorado State University, will examine a dietary weight loss study of obese adult pet dogs fed meals that included beans as a functional ingredient in weight-loss dog food."



Did you know at v-dog, we use most of these ingredients in our products?


V-dog is proudly 100% plant-based/vegan and provides balanced, complete nutrition for your adult dog. The first ingredient in our formula is nutrient, protein-dense peas, followed by ingredients like lentils and sorghum. Since dogs have evolved for thousands of years alongside humans, they are omnivores and can thrive into their golden years on a complete vegan diet. To learn more about our v-dog kibble, beathbone chews and organic biscuits, check out our website here.



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