Pet Food Industry Highlights Plant-Based Diets

The Pet Food industry is notoriously meat-biased, but today an article surfaced that promotes the use plant foods for healing in dogs. Check out an excerpt from the Pet Product News article: 

"The same way a raw plant-based diet can benefit the human body, a biologically appropriate diet can do the same for cats and dogs.

...There also are several documentaries and research studies springing up concerning healthful eating and the problems with the Western culture’s basic diet. The most prevalent theme in these documentaries and studies is 'food is medicine.'

The Gerson Therapy is a raw plant-based diet that aims to heal and treat chronic illnesses as well as cancer in humans. Food can be medicine—or poison—in all animals. Recent studies in animal health have shown an increase in pets suffering from diabetes, dental disease and arthritis —linked to processed commercial diets...But grain, corn-, soy and wheat-free foods for pets have taken over the market, and many believe they have significantly improved pets’ quality of life...With more people taking an active and aware role in their own health and well-being, they’ve also taken steps to address their pets’ well-being."


 At v-dog, we stand behind the concept of "food as medicine" for dogs. Since 2005, we've seen countless dogs experience life-changing turnarounds related to allergies, arthritis, diabetes and even seizures after switching to v-dog kibble. Check out their stories here. Our family company is run by a team of dedicated vegans and our (wheat/corn/soy free) formula is healthy, hearty, tasty and meets all AAFCO standards for adult dog nutrition. At meal time, you can rest assured your pup will thrive on the healthiest dog food on the market. Learn more about v-dog here


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