Pet Products Recalled for Thyroid Hormones

Blue Buffalo and WellPet have initiated recalls after a warning from the FDA in March advising pet parents to steer clear of food and treats made with livestock gullets (meat from the throat region). These animal parts have the potential to contain thyroid tissue and thyroid hormones, which can cause pets to develop hyperthyroidism.

According to, "Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, increased appetite, restlessness, hyperactivity, elevated heart rate, rapid and/or labored breathing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Continued exposure to excess thyroid hormones can cause damage to the heart and in some cases, death."

So what prompted the FDA's warning? A recent investigation by the Center for Veterinary Medicine found three dogs in different households to be experiencing hyperthyroidism due to elevated thyroid hormone. Interviews with their owners revealed that all three dogs had been fed BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs and/or Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs.

An FDA lab tested unopened cans of these two products and confirmed that they contained active thyroid hormone. The source of thyroid hormones is likely from the use of gullets from which the thyroid glands were not completely removed before adding to pet food or treats.

Just another reason to feed your furry companion a plant-based diet.

For more information about these recalls, please click here.


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