Rescue Pigs Strut the Runway at Pig Pageant

What better way to celebrate National Pig Day than by watching adorable rescue pigs walk the runway? Central Texas Pig Rescue held their 2nd annual Pig Pageant this past Saturday and v-dog was absolutely honored to be a sponsor for this wonderful event! This year's Mardi Gras-themed celebration helped teach 1,000 guests about the value, beauty, and intelligence of these lovable creatures. 

The pigs showed off tricks like kisses and handshakes to attendees, who voted for their favorite based on beauty, style, and personality. The event aimed to foster “body positivity” for pigs, who are often rehomed due to their size. 

"Pig Pageant 2020 was a spectacular celebration of ridiculous proportions. The energy of the day blew our minds," said Central Texas Pig Rescue following the event. "We are SO proud of our contestants. They all truly showed so much confidence and poise because they had their favorite people with them. It’s a great reminder of how strongly pigs bond with their family, reminding us that pigs aren’t a phase, they’re forever."

Photographer Stacey Lovett (@StaceyLovett) beautifully captured the energy of the event. Check out more adorable piggy photos @centraltexaspigrescue on Instagram.

Central Texas Pig Rescue, located in Bastrop, TX, has rescued 250 pigs from high-risk situations like abuse, neglect, slaughter, and animal testing. The rescue strives to tackle common misconceptions about pigs, who are raised as commodities and often do not receive proper care even as pets. Learn more about their mission and get involved.


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Photo credit: @StaceyLovett
Sources: Central Texas Pig Rescue;

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