Plant-Based Foods Outpace Overall Grocery Sales

According to new data from the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute, plant-based food sales in the US have grown 11% in the past year, over 5 times more than the 2% growth in the total retail food market. This indicates that plant-based foods are a major driver of foods sales overall. 

The plant-based foods retail market is worth $4.5 billion, and total plant-based food sales have increased 31% since 2017.

“Plant-based foods are a growth engine, significantly outpacing overall grocery sales,” said PBFA Senior Director of Retail Partnerships Julie Emmett. “We are now at the tipping point with the rapid expansion of plant-based foods across the entire store, so it is critical for retailers to continue to respond to this demand by offering more variety and maximizing shelf space to further grow total store sales.”

Plant-based milks are a leading driver of sales, growing 6% over the past year. They now make up 13% of the entire milk category, and cow's milk sales are on the decline.

Read the full article and check out more stats here.

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Sources: Plant Based Foods Association; The Good Food Institute

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