Rescue Dog Befriends Baby Chicks

Dog mama Brittany Gillott was pleasantly surprised by her pup's reaction to her six new chicks. At first, she kept the chicks in a separate room to play it safe, but Mac nudged at the door, insisting on sniffing and licking them affectionately.

"He constantly wanted to be around them," she says. "Even before he ate in the morning, he wanted to go see the chicks. It was really cute. He was constantly watching them to make sure they were OK."

Gillott soon realized she need not supervise their interactions. "He never once pawed at them or bit at them or anything like that. We don’t worry about them at all.”

The chicks quickly became part of Mac's routine, and he would check in on them each morning with Brittany. As the chicks grow older, Mac continues to spend time with them in the yard, looking after them like a proud and protective dad.

For more cuteness, check out Mac and the chicks on their Instagram account, @macandchicks.


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Source: The Dodo

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