Research Confirms Carcinogens in Commercial Pet Foods

With a goal to research the effects of meat consumption and cancer in humans, Dr. Robert Turesky decided to start an experiment at home. He clipped a sample of his dog's fur, broke open the hair shaft and chemically analyzed the sample. What he discovered surprised him: the sample tested positive for carcinogens. Digging deeper into this toxin discovered in his dog's fur, he collaborated with the University of Minnesota and tested fifteen dogs, of which thirteen tested positive for carcinogens in their fur. The results were unexpected as these dogs were not eating grilled or charbroiled meats, foods commonly pointed to as the culprit of carcinogenic meat.

Dr. Turesky and his research partners concentrate on the set of chemicals called "heterocyclic aromatic amines" and their connection with human cancer. These checmials are found in well-done cooked animal meat. His extensive studies confirm the connection between meats processed at high temperatures and carcinogens present in dogs. 

Dr. Robert Turesky is a research scientist working for the Division of Environmental Health Sciences at the New York State Department of Health.  Read more about his study here - "Scientist Accidentally Discovers a Possible Culprit in the Growing Incidence of Cancer" 

Another study conducted at the Lawrence Livermore National Laborartoy in California confirmed the presence of mutagenic responses and carcinogens in commercial pet foods:  "Twenty-five commercial pet foods were analyzed for mutagenic activity using the Ames/Salmonella test with strain TA98and added metabolic activation. All but one gave a positive mutagenic response...From these findings it is hypothesized that there is a connection between dietary heterocyclic amines and cancer in animals consuming these foods." more

These studies display the glaring health risks associated with feeding traditional meat-based pet food to our animal companions. To learn more about a healthy plant-based diet for dogs, please visit our page here.

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