V-dog Senior Spotlight: Sable's Rescue Story

Senior rescue pup Sable was recently taken in by Piper Wood, founder of Hand in Paw, a rescue dedicated to providing homes for dogs who have trouble getting adopted due to health issues.

"I started Hand in Paw nearly 5 years ago, and the goal was to rescue the dogs that would otherwise have no chance at a good life, due to behavioral issues, illness, blindness, injuries, age, etc," says Piper.  "We did not know what was wrong with Sable's skin when we took her out of the shelter, but we were ready for anything. All we knew was that she was 15 and left there by her family. When we found out it was cutaneous lymphoma, we just wanted to give her the maximum amount of happiness for the days she has left.  By using a combination of v-dog food, holistic supplements, and medications prescribed by our vet, as well as a loving, home environment, we are achieving just that. We have seen her skin improve tremendously, and she is so energetic and happy, considering not just her age, but the disease she is tackling. We are so appreciative to v-dog for caring about Sable and supplying her with the highest quality food and treats that she enjoys immensely!"

Sadly, dogs like Sable are often abandoned because guardians can't afford medical treatment or just don't want to spend the money and effort on it. Rescues like Hand in Paw do incredible work by investing time, money, and energy into these "unadoptable" dogs.

Piper says that Sable is now in good spirits, given her condition, and trots happily around the yard with her other rescue dogs.

What can you do to help?

Reach out to your local rescue or animal shelter to adopt, volunteer, foster, or donate. These organizations often rely solely on donations and volunteers, so every little bit helps! 

Remember that senior dogs and dogs with medical conditions need extra TLC. These pups often have trouble getting adopted, so consider adopting an older dog before rushing to the nearest puppy. Senior dogs make great loving companions, and as a bonus, are typically already house-trained!




At v-dog, our mission is to provide top-quality nutrition for pooches of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our plant-based, nutritionally complete formula has helped dogs recover from countless health problems including skin irritation, allergies, and digestive issues. V-dog supports rescue organizations like Hand in Paw who are dedicated to placing animals into loving, forever homes. Join us to help make this world a healthier, kinder place for our furry friends!

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