San Francisco Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

Great news, Bay Area animal lovers! San Francisco will now prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats unless they come from animal rescue organizations or shelters. Spearheaded by Supervisor Katy Tang, this legislation will help find homes for the thousands of animals taken into shelters each year.

“We really do believe that it will send a great message not just in San Francisco, but across California, nationwide and hopefully worldwide,” Tang says.

Although licensed breeders won't be affected, this ban will help combat puppy mills and their large-scale breeding operations. Pet shops will be required to maintain records proving the source of each animal and provide this information to the public. 

San Francisco joins the growing list of over 200 US cities and counties to pass similar legislation.

With the USDA's recent removal of public animal welfare records, it's more important now than ever to educate ourselves about the realities of puppy and kitten mills. Take a stand against this cruel industry in your local community by urging legislators to adopt a similar ban against the sale of cats and dogs.

Thinking about bringing a pet into your family? Support your local animal shelter or rescue organization by adopting your new furry friend!


At v-dog, animal welfare is always our top priority. That's why we support adoptions, and offer animal products without animal products. With millions of cats and dogs entering shelters every year, and billions of animals raised for food every year, we're ready to shift the world's treatment of animals in a positive direction.

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