V-dog Senior Spotlight: Jackson

Meet Jackson, a 15 year old golden retriever chow mix rescue who can't get enough of his v-dog! Jackson's mom, Noel, was astounded by his transformation after switching to a vegan diet.

As a cancer and stroke survivor who had been through multiple surgeries, Jackson was a frequent visitor to his vet. But despite so many medical scares, Jackson experienced serious improvements on v-dog. "Since starting v-dog almost a year ago, Jackson has not been to the vet for sick visits but only his 'well' visits," Noel says. She noticed that his weight and energy levels improved, as well as his kidney function and blood tests. 

Jackson has two torn ACLs, so his exercise has become limited, but losing weight has helped him regain some mobility. He enjoys car rides every weekend to his favorite bakery, Vegan Treats of Bethlehem, PA. 

At meal time, Jackson barks in anticipation of his v-dog kibble. Despite his age, he wastes no time running for his food bowl, wagging his tail as he eats.

"Jackson is the epitome of miracles and perseverance through difficult times," Noel says. "V-dog has improved his overall health and quality of life, allowing him to truly enjoy his senior years being spoiled and loved. Plus, I love that v-dog is cruelty free. Thank you v-dog!"

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