These 10 Dogs + Snow = Completely Ridiculous

It may be warm here in sunny California, but these dogs have us wishing for a snow day.

1. This is Regina. She just got a blowout and she will NOT let the snow ruin her luscious tresses.

Work it, Regina.

2. This is Herbert. He's hoping his family didn't forget about him, because he can't quite feel his short little legs.

Hang in there, Herbert.

3. This is Sadie. She claims she can nap anywhere.

We know you're faking it, Sadie.

4. This is Peanut. His friends ditched him so he made a new one.

Take that, Peanut's friends.

5. This is Timmy. It's his first trip to the snow and he's whipping out the selfie stick.

Do it for the Gram, Timmy.

6. This is Louie. He had a mishap on the slopes. He doesn't want to talk about it.

Better luck next time, Louie.

7. This is Winston. He was told that bears hibernate in the winter, but that was DEFINITELY a bear. He saw it with his own eyes.

Whatever you say, Winston.

8. This is Beatrice. She was told this freezing white stuff was "fun."

Stay warm, Beatrice.

9. This is Max. He left half his Breathbone in the yard last night and he will stop at nothing to find it.

You got this, Max.

10. This is Millie. She was told this was her "natural habitat," but she can't feel her nose.

We're with you, Millie.



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