Sponsor a Turkey this ThanksLiving!

Want to give back this Thanksgiving? There are tons of sanctuaries and rescues out there that offer adoptions to support turkeys who have been rescued from a life of confinement and slaughter. This year, we sponsored a turkey at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farmed animals and advocates for animal rights.

Check out the links below to sponsor a turkey at one of these awesome sanctuaries!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary

Animal Place

The Gentle Barn


Learn more about standard industry practices on turkey farms here.

Thanks for being a voice for the animals and leaving them off your plate!


At v-dog, we 💚 turkeys!  Matter of fact, we love ALL animals! That's why we don't use any animal products in our delicious, complete kibble or yummy treats! Help us save animals by switching your pup to our nutritionally complete, veterinarian-endorsed formula. We've seen pups of all shapes and sizes absolutely thrive as vegans. Check it out for yourself here!

Learn more about vegan dogs at v-dog.com and the links below:

Vegan Dog Starter Guide

V-dog FAQ

Ask the Vegan Vet: Does my dog need meat?

Thousands of Vegan Dogs Thriving

Image Credit: Animal Place

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