Study Reports No Health Problems in Vegan Cats

Can cats thrive on vegan diets? Plant-based diets for dogs have become increasingly mainstream, which leads many pet parents to wonder about meatless options for their cats. Although cats are generally considered meat-eaters, plant foods like grains, fruits and vegetables have long been included in properly formulated cat foods.

In a 2021 study, Sarah Dodd and her colleagues at the University of Guelph surveyed 1,325 cat parents about their cats' health. 65% fed their cats a meat-based diet, while 18.2% fed a plant-based diet.

The participants who fed their cats a plant-based diet did not report any adverse health outcomes and the results suggested that plant-based cats have comparable longevity to meat-based cats. The existing literature also does not demonstrate evidence of adverse health effects of feeding cats a plant-based diet. 

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For some health conditions, plant-based cats appeared to be even better off —participants reported fewer gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders in their vegan cats than those feeding meat-based diets.

Dodd notes that there are of course limitations to voluntary survey-based studies. Further research is needed to determine the health implications of plant-based diets for cats, but her survey is a promising start.

Check out the full story here, and read the study in BMC Veterinary Research here.

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