New Study Shows that a Vegan Diet Improves Diabetes Markers

In a recent study published by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a plant-based diet was found to improve insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function in overweight adults.

"The participants, who had no previous history of diabetes, followed a plant-based diet for 16 weeks. When compared with the control group, the plant-based group had increased stimulated insulin secretion, lowered body weight, and beta-cell glucose sensitivity," reports One Green Planet.

With the average American eating about double the amount of protein they require, the standard Western diet is leading us to develop a range of health issues. Plant-based diets reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and certain cancers, and could save us billions of dollars in healthcare costs. All while drastically reducing our environmental impact and saving countless animals from slaughter.

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Source: One Green Planet

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