The Humane League's "88% Campaign" to Help Protect Billions of Farmed Chickens

The vast majority of animals raised and killed for the US food supply are chickens, representing 88.7% of nearly 9 billion animals killed each year.

The Humane League aims to combat the plight of these animals through their 88% Campaign, an effort targeted specifically at their welfare that has already convinced companies like Aramark, Panera and Starbucks to commit to improvements. Learn more here.

The Humane League is asking companies to adopt progressive welfare standards that address health issues, eliminate current live-shackle slaughter methods, and improve chickens’ environments by adding natural enrichments and giving them more space. These crucial adjustments will help reduce needless fear, pain and suffering.

What can you do to help? Visit to join the Humane League's Fast Action Network or make a donation. Consumers have a strong voice when it comes to farm animal protection, so take a stand against this industry by choosing an animal-free diet and urging legislators to support progressive welfare standards.


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Source: The Humane League

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  • Wow, thank you for blogging about this important issue!

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