The UN Wants You to Eat Less Meat

The United Nations says that it's time to get serious about changing our diets. In a new high-level report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that plant-based diets are a major opportunity for mitigating climate change. The report includes a policy recommendation to reduce meat consumption. 

This is huge.

“It’s really exciting that the IPCC is getting such a strong message across,” says Ruth Richardson, executive director at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. “We need a radical transformation, not incremental shifts, towards a global land use and food system that serves our climate needs.”

The report was compiled by more than 100 experts, including many from developing countries. The Amazon rainforest, which acts as a huge carbon sink that cools global temperature, is plagued by accelerating deforestation rates. Animal agriculture is to blame, and it's imperative that wealthier countries incentivize plant-based diets.

"By 2050, dietary changes could free millions of square kilometers of land, and reduce global CO2 emissions by up to eight billion tonnes per year."

Read the full story here.

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  • Ajudem a esses animais indefesos!!!!!!!! Mais amor por favor!!!.

    Ivanise on
  • Une végétalienne convaincue de sa saine alimentation !

    Joëlle LAFONT on
  • Going vegan is certainly important but it is also important to avoid products from lands in which the spread of agriculture is responsible for the large-scale destruction of tropical forests and other natural ecosystems, extermination of plant and animal species, genocide against indigenous peoples and murders of protesters. Palm oil would be a start. European countries should grow their own food needs and mine their own mineral needs because it is unacceptable that so many raw materials come from South America and Southeast Asia, including products that could easily be grown in Europe, such as beans.

    Simon Validzic on
  • I’m a vegan & I’d like to know if you will carry Vegan for cats & vegan for older cats. Let me know. I have seen vegan in my local organic supermarket but not for cats. Let me know. I promote veganism whenever I can. I love the vegan non violent green lifestyle!

    Naomi Semeniuk on
  • I have chosen to become vegan because of my love for every animal and because of the horrific cruelty animals go through in order to be eaten.
    I will never understand how or why people want to hurt animals. Why? Animals are just as important as humans. I have only recently learned of the atrocities that or done to animals on this planet. I did not realize the magnitude of animals’ suffering. Now that I know, I will spend every minute I have for the rest of my life to do everything in my power to help stop animals’ torture, abuse, neglect, beating, over breeding, exploitation, and slavery everywhere. I will not rest until every animal is free, loved, safe and cared for.

    Cheryl Knight Lockhart on

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