The World Needs More Vegan Vets: Dr. Randall Cannon’s Story

Vegan veterinarian Randall Cannon caught up with Vegans are Cool to talk about his experience going vegan and share his perspective as an animal advocate working in a medical field.

Cannon admits that he turned a blind eye to animal exploitation for many years before making the switch to a vegan lifestyle. When he entered veterinary school, he still viewed animals as a source of entertainment and personal enjoyment, focusing on the joy they provide humans. Having been trained in the livestock industry, he was well aware of the violence and unethical treatment inflicted upon certain species. He finally realized the hypocrisy of dedicating his career to saving dogs and cats, yet going home and eating a steak for dinner.

So why aren’t there more vegan vets? “As with most people,” Cannon explains, “veterinarians are able to wear blinders and ignore what they know goes on in the livestock industry.” And despite overwhelming evidence for the benefits of a vegan diet, many vets remain stuck in the status quo. As Ecorazzi points out, “Many veterinary jobs are entirely dependent on working hand in hand with unethical businesses such as animal agriculture, dog and cat breeding, and laboratory work.” Perhaps these professionals are more desensitized than the average consumer.


For all the pet owners out there, Cannon offers his advice: “Seek out a vegan veterinarian…they will always have the animal’s best interests at heart.  Give your pet plenty of love, exercise, and fresh foods.  Learn about their diseases and problems.  Well-educated pet owners have healthier pets.”

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