These 10 Vegan Bodybuilders Prove that Plants Power Muscle

If you're vegan, you've probably gotten the classic "Where do you get your protein?" question...maybe over and over and over again. Thankfully, plants contain plenty of protein, and vegans can get more than enough of it from beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, and vegetables.

Need proof? Let's take a look at these 10 vegan bodybuilders, and let their muscles do the talking:

Jon Venus

This fitness YouTuber and online personal trainer says that switching to a plant-based diet increased his strength at the gym. Check out his videos here!

Brian Turner

Brian decided to go vegan after suffering from severe acne, and was astonished at the difference it made in his overall health. Before making the switch, he was drinking a gallon of dairy milk every day! Watch his YouTube videos here.

Nimai Delgado

Born and raised vegetarian, Nimai transitioned to a vegan diet and proved that successful bodybuilding doesn't require meat or steroids. Check out his YouTube channel here!

Torre Washington

Torre is a well-known vegan bodybuilder who has been 100% plant-based since 1998 and uses absolutely no supplements. He was featured in Forks Over Knives, Thrive Magazine, and GQ Magazine.

Fraser Bayley

After being diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorder, as well as smoking and drinking heavily in his younger years, Fraser made the switch to veganism and his life completely changed. He founded Evolving Alpha, which educates people on healthy vegan eating and training through compassionate living. Check him out on YouTube here!

Arvid Beck

Arvid went vegan purely for ethical reasons, and his diet change did nothing to limit his career as a professional bodybuilder. In fact, he strongly believes that a plant-based diet is healthier than a diet containing animal products. Check him out on PETA's Vegan Gladiators series here!


Simone Collins

Simone went vegetarian in her early teens and decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle several years ago for ethical reasons. As a female bodybuilder, she is a major inspiration for women and advocate for health and fitness. Check out her story here!


Robert Cheeke

Robert went vegan at age 15 purely for his love of farm animals (he grew up on a farm!), and gained 75 pounds after entering the world of bodybuilding. Listen to his inspiring lecture here!


Patrick Reiser

Patrick is a professional vegan bodybuilder in Germany, where he has started his own clothing line and vegan supplement company. Check out his popular YouTube channel here

It goes without saying that a balanced vegan diet provides plenty of protein -- even enough to sustain the muscle mass of a bodybuilder! These 10 bodybuilders are among the countless vegan lifestyle advocates that have truly changed the fitness game.




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