These 4 Brothers were Vegan Since Puppyhood

Dog parents Robin and Lisa are no strangers to raising pups on a vegan diet. When they rescued four brothers as puppies 17 years ago, they already had 4 other dogs on plant-based diets. Here is the story of how four littermates thrived as vegans from puppyhood into their golden years.

Meet "The Boys:" Little Bear, Big Bear, Roddy, and Badger

Robin and Lisa fondly named their 4 brother puppies "The Boys." When it was time to transition them to solid food, they worried that feeding them vegan or vegetarian wouldn't provide the right vitamin or protein levels, and they could not find a commercially available meat-free food for puppies

"To give them puppy food for their little bodies to develop, we bought them a meat-based food," they said. "We mixed it with the vegetarian and vegan food. To our surprise, when they had the opportunity to choose the food they wanted, they chose the vegan!"

The Boys were big fans of the vegan food. According to Robin and Lisa, they actually picked out the vegan kibble and left the meat-based kibble behind in their bowls. "We had an adventure trying to find brands for them. We did our best cooking for all of them — we would make large slow-cookers full of veggies, legumes, and whole grains. We added nutrients and learned a lot!"

Robin and Lisa were thrilled to see all of their dogs thriving as vegans. "Can you imagine 8 dogs of various ages as vegan superstars? They made us so happy." When The Boys got older, they even started incorporating smoothies into their breakfasts. "They all drank a pie plate full of fruit, green, and nutrient smoothie, and we finally found v-dog, which they loved."

Of the 4 brothers, Little Bear lived the longest. He recently passed away at age 17. His brothers lived until ages 14, 15, and 16 — amazing for large-breed dogs.

Big thanks to Robin and Lisa for sharing their story. Learn more about how dogs of all ages can thrive on vegan diets here

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