These Dogs Have Been Vegan for a Decade

September 24, 2020

What's the secret to a long, healthy, happy life? For Daisy and Daphne, it's a vegan diet! These sisters were rescued 13 years ago from an animal shelter. Now 15 years old, Daisy and Daphne stay active and love to hike with their parents, Julia and Matt.

They've been on a vegan diet for the last 10 years.

My husband and I adopted our sweet Daisy and Daphne from our local animal shelter in 2007. I went vegan not long after and became increasingly more uncomfortable feeding them the typical commercial dog food. Later on, I came across v-dog and thought I’d give it a try. Well, Daisy and Daphne both loved it! I don’t know the exact date we switched to v-dog, but I do know it’s been over ten years. We celebrated their 15th birthday this past April and I know it’s 100% due to their healthy diet. They don’t have any health issues, are still active, and love going on walks and hikes. Thank you, v-dog, for creating a food that keeps our little pups young and healthy without sacrificing our morals!

- Julia and Matt

Vegan foods like v-dog can help prevent chronic diseases by eliminating animal products, byproducts, and other low-quality ingredients from your pup's diet. Since dogs are omnivores, they can obtain all of their nutrition from plant-based sources, which greatly reduces their exposure to carcinogens and bioaccumulated toxins. It's no wonder that so many dogs thrive on vegan diets into their golden years, including Bramble the collie, who lived to age 25 as a vegan.

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Meet more longtime vegan dogs!

"My 2 fur babies have been on the v-dog diet for at least 7 years now. Their blood work is always perfect and they are in great health. I believe that it's not only an ethical choice, but a healthier one as well. The kinds of meat and preservatives that are in other conventional dog foods are, in my opinion, very unhealthy and unnatural for dogs to consume. V-dog has always been fantastic. The treats are a hit as well!"

- Amit


"Thank you so much for making such an incredible vegan dog food for our baby Coco! We adopted Coco from our local shelter 9 years ago and started him on v-dog right away and he immediately loved it! He is now about 13 years old and is in great health and is a very playful little boy! My husband and I do not eat animals and really love the opportunity to give Coco your vegan dog food that is completely nutritious! We are very grateful to you!"

- Kim and Christopher

V-dog has been making 100% plant-based kibble and treats since 2005. Not only does a vegan diet save lives and minimize your pup's environmental impact, it also provides all the nutrition they need to thrive. (Plus, it tastes amazing...just ask these dogs!) Learn how your pup can make the switch here.


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