These Giant-Breed Dogs are Vegan

Here at v-dog, we've seen dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on our plant-powered kibble...from the tiniest of teacup chihuahuas to the largest of mastiffs. Check out these 5 happy and healthy giant-breed pups who are vegan and loving it!

Casper the Great Dane

No more allergies, ear infections, or diarrhea!

"After switching between almost a dozen different high-end meat based dog foods, I tried out v-dog to see if Casper's stools would actually remain consistent. After a few days, his poo hardened up so no more random diarrhea! A few other things I have noticed since he's been on this food for months now is that he gets fewer ear infections and doesn't have any hotspots like he used to. Overall, he is way better off now than he was on a meat-based dog food."

- Amanda


Mocha the St. Bernard & Kuma the Akita

An allergen-free food that they love!

"We're very happy to be converting our dogs to vegans like us! So far we are still mixing the rest of their food with v-dog but they seem to like it.  We are very pleased!  Kuma has a lot of allergy problems and we can't wait til it clears up!  I am confident that the new v-dog food will help as the vegan diet has been so great for us!"

Update, 6 months later: "Mocha and Kuma have been doing excellent with their v-dog diet. They are full of energy and love!"

- Jamie


Aron the Great Pyrenees

Picky eater no more!

"Aron the Great Pyrenees used to be a very picky eater, but now doesn't leave anything behind for his sister Ella to clean up. Vegan for 8 months now and doing great! We mix it up a bit with home cooked vegan meals with fresh fruit and veggies (blended for better digestion), since no one wants to eat the same meal day after day."

- Liane & Rachel


Hank the Great Dane

175 lbs and full of energy!

"Hank loves v-dog. I have tried a couple other vegetarian dry foods but he disliked them after a few weeks. He is working on his second bag of v-dog and he loves it. Hank is a 9 year old 175 pound English Mastiff with a lot of energy and good health thanks to being a vegan."

- Gayle


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V-dog is a vegan owned and operated dog food company run by animal lovers. We make 100% plant-based kibble and treats, packed with the nutrition (and deliciousness!) that your pup needs and loves. Our kibble is AAFCO approved, veterinarian-recommended, and free of common allergens. Hooray for a greener, healthier, more compassionate diet!

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