This Baby Cow was Nearly Sold for Dog Food

Moksha is one lucky calf. Born sterile on a dairy farm, she was nearly sold at auction as dog food. Thanks to the kindness of one of the farm workers, she was rescued and taken in by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary.

Sarah, the executive director for Lancaster Farm Sanctuary, shares Moksha's story with us.

Moksha is what is known as a freemartin. This means she can’t be impregnated or milked and so she is seen as useless.

She was going to be sold for two dollars at auction to be turned into dog food but a teenage girl who works on the farm stepped in and took her instead.  The girl took her to her grandparents where the little calf was living in the kitchen.  

A neighbor then said he was willing to take her and so Moksha was sleeping in a small garage.  The neighbor’s sister reached out to us about Moksha and we agreed to provide a forever safe and loving home for the little calf.  We love her so much.

Moksha means "liberation from suffering."

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary is located in Lancaster, PA which is one of the most animal agricultural counties in the nation. We started the sanctuary to save some of these farm animals and because we felt that our community needed another example of how to treat farm animals.

We are two years old and are a 501c3.  We are currently in the process of trying to buy a bigger sanctuary.

Our mission is rescuing farm animals and providing them sanctuary; inspiring humans to live with compassion and respect. Our core values are non-harming, non-stealing, and truth telling. They are the first three ethical guidelines of the yoga tradition.

According to a 2017 study, dogs and cats consume about 25 percent of the total calories derived from animals in the United States. This means that if U.S. pets were their own country, they'd rank fifth in global meat consumption.

Choosing a plant-based diet for your pup not only saves animals like Moksha and lowers your pup's carbon pawprint, it also provides numerous health benefits. Vegan diets are naturally anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic, which can help with itch relief, digestion, and joint health. Many vegan diets, like v-dog, are nutritionally complete and balanced, making them an easy swap for any meat-based food.

Learn more about Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and the wonderful work they do here. Plus, check out all their adorable rescued animals @lancasterfarmsanctuary on Instagram!


Colton the pup and Bucket the cow of Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary. #friendsnotfood

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