This rescue dog has been VEGAN for 16 years!

Tara is a 17 year old doggie who hasn't had meat since she was rescued over 16 years ago. 

According to an article on Mirror, "Ever since Ann Boyce, 66, and her husband Gary, 67, rescued her when she was six months old, they have not fed her a single meat morsel."

Ann and Gary have been vegan for two decades, so it made sense for them to explore a similar diet for their lovely companion. 

Added plus? In addition to not needing to kill other animals to feed Tara, Ann notes the incredible health benefits her dog has experienced eating a meat-free diet. 

She told the Sunday People : “Tara has never been ill and we’ve never really had to take her to the vet. I have had insurance and it has been a waste of money."

 Here at v-dog, we've seen thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on a plant-based diet well into their golden years.

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