To Celebrate Animal Rights Awareness Week, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary & Preserve and V-Dog Team Up

Here at v-dog, we are STOKED to work with Wildwood Farm Sanctuary & Preserve, an animal rescue nonprofit in Oregon. Their dedication to animals -big and small- makes them the perfect partner. Between June 21 through 26, v-dog will be donating 10% of all proceeds from purchases on our website to Wildwood.

What is Animal Rights Awareness Week?

In Defense of Animals founded Animal Rights Awareness Week in 1991. The goal is to spread awareness about the importance of animal rights and habitat preservation. You can show your support in several ways. For starters, you can shop mindfully for cruelty-free products and volunteer at local shelters and preserves (like Wildwood).

What Rights are Animals Entitled to Today?

The Animal Welfare Act (enacted in 1966) ensures that animals receive care to a minimum standard across the board. With that said, we know that every level of government has power to enforce better animal protection laws; however, many state legislators often overlook the care and compassion for farm animals. Read more at the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Additionally, the Humane League defines animal rights as “...moral principles grounded in the belief that non-human animals deserve the ability to live as they wish, without being subjected to the desires of human beings.”

Some major principles of animal rights include the following:

  • Animals should NOT be hunted and eaten.
  • Animals should NOT be used for experimentation.
  • Animals should NOT be selective bred or manipulated.
  • Animals should NOT be used in zoos or entertainment mediums.

While there are many other comprehensive facets to animal rights advocacy, these four form the foundation of a compassionate ethics that supports all living creatures.

Get to know the sanctuary farm!

Founder and president of Wildwood, Shauna Sherick, is the third-generation caretaker of her family's 100-acre farmland. Wild and farm animals roam the 98 acres of the sanctuary located in Newberg, Oregon!

“Our greatest hope is to help open eyes and reshape the way humans view and treat farm animals by considering a compassionate and cruelty-free way of living.”

~Wildwood’s mission 

Wildwood provides a haven for farm animals, but they also support spaces for wetlands, woodlands, and native plants. Unfortunately, their guided nature hikes have been suspended because of the pandemic, but people in the Pacific Northwest area can expect their events and tours to resume normal operations in the near future.

Help us make a difference for animal rights.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to show your support for Animal Rights Week. When volunteering resumes, you can help by (1) freshening the straw, (2) repairing barns and fences, (3) providing clean water and food dishes, and much more. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with the animal residents.

Wildwood also makes it simple to donate, so you’ll know exactly how they’re using your donations.

  • $5 goes toward arthritis medicine for aging animals.
  • $10 provides brushes and clippers for grooming.
  • $20 provides toys, treats, and water/food dishes.
  • $50 provides hay for a month
  • $100 provides critical vet care for fragile rescues

Of course, if you feel so inclined, you can always donate more 😉 

A four-legged friendship made in heaven!

Here’s another little reminder: From June 21 through 26, 10% of ALL the proceeds from v-dog purchases on the website will go to Woodland Farm Sanctuary & Preserve. Please check out their website and follow @wildwoodfarmsanctuary and @vdogfood.

We always want to hear about how you’re getting involved with Animal Rights Awareness Week, and don’t hesitate to tag us and share your story!



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