TOP 3 Vegan Holiday Recipes! (for humans)

Turkeys are sweet, cute, intelligent creatures. 

 Pigs, cows and chickens need love, too!

...So let's eat plants instead! Here are our top 3 seasonal recipes for you to share with your favorite friends and family this holiday season! 

1. Vegan Roast from Hot for Food

2. Magic Mac n Cheese from World of Vegan (via The Dairy Detox)

3. Cheesy Tahini Brussel Sprouts: Plant Based on a Budget (Perfect side dish!) 

BONUS healthy breakfast recipe :)

Craving something delish (but healthy) for breakfast? Wander down to the kitchen in your flannel PJ's to cook up some Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Chickpea Pancakes from Plant Based on a Budget! (GF + vegan) 


Here are some of our favorite brands for cruelty-free pre-made roasts!

These brands are available at most grocery stores in the freezer or tofu section. 


Field Roast



Still hungry? How about dessert!

Chocolate Covered Katie's vegan/GF desserts are perfect for the holidays. Check out her recipes for healthy desserts including apple pie and cheesecake cupcakes here

We also love this Mexican Hot Chocolate video recipe by Vegan Outreach. All you need is a cozy fireplace and a view of the snow falling outside. (Ok...maybe not snow. We're in California!) 

Rather pick something quick up at the store? Daiya Foods makes a delicious vegan cheesecake that comes ready in the freezer section! (Whole Foods Market) 



Did you hear we are sponsoring two turkeys this ThanksLiving? You can help turkeys, too!

Happy Howlidays!

Team V-dog 



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