Top 5 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

Sweet potatoes are a nutrition-packed snack that are healthy and safe for dogs! These root veggies are known for their benefits to gut health and digestion. They also provide a boost in important vitamins and minerals, which is why we include them in our breathbone chews.

Check out our top 5 reasons to love sweet potatoes...

#1 They aid in digestion.

Since sweet potatoes are high in fiber, they help keep your pup's digestion smooth and regular. 

#2 They promote a healthy microbiome.

The antioxidants in sweet potatoes support a healthy balance of gut bacteria, which can lower your pup's risk of diarrhea and other digestive symptoms.

#3 They're high in potassium.

Sweet potatoes are high in potassium for their calorie content, which means they help regulate the body's fluid balance and blood pressure.

#4 They support healthy vision.

The antioxidant beta-carotene in sweet potatoes has been shown to support eye health, which is important as your dog ages.

#5 They help reduce cancer risk.

Like other antioxidant-rich foods, sweet potatoes help defend your pup's body against free radicals that increase risk of chronic diseases like cancer.


How can my pup enjoy sweet potatoes?

As a kibble topper: Just steam, mash with a fork, and add on top of their v-dog kibble once cooled. Or, check out our Mashed Sweet Potato Spinach Bites recipe!

As a chew: Our breathbone chews make a great snack, or you can whip up a batch of simple homemade sweet potato chews.


Since 2005, v-dog has made it easy to feed your pup a nutritious and cruelty-free diet. V-dog kibble offers health benefits like improved digestion, reduced allergy symptoms, and weight management for pups of all shapes and sizes. Check out some of the thousands of thriving v-dogs on our testimonials page.

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  • I think they would and could help her digestion. I couldn’t take her other food which is not vegan. She will be 13 in a few months. She is a American Pit Bull Terrier. The one I had before this one the vet put her on carrots. Just open a can she loved them. My current dog won’t touch them. All that you are doing to make them healthy. I can always give it a try. Thank you.

    Donna Bullioni on
  • I was so glad to come across this article. I have 7 rescued dogs, and I love to grow my own sweet potatoes. I will make some for my sweet babies today.. I was surprised when 2 of my old cats ate some spinach pieces from my sandwich yesterday. I really must learn about healthier eating for my pets. All of my pets over the years have lived long lives, but even so, it is hard when you lose one. Not sure I could afford your dog treats since I have so many (*and 10 cats), but I love your article. Thank You.!

    Nonna Settlemyer on
  • I have been feeding my pups sweet potatoes for yrs. At dinner instead of table food. They love it.

    Terri Eckles on

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