Top 5 Staples for your Vegan Dog's Pantry

When times get tough, make sure you have snacks! We've compiled a list of fresh and frozen essentials to keep your pup stocked up while sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. These staples are safe, cost-effective and long-lasting foods that you and your fur baby can enjoy together.

#1 Oats

Oats make a great, hearty base for snacks like these Vegan Pumpkin Dog Treats or these Cranberry Cinnamon Dog Cookies. Plus, they're rich in soluble fiber which helps keep your pup's digestion healthy.

#2 Sweet potatoes

The antioxidants in sweet potatoes support a healthy microbiome. Top your pup's kibble with these Mashed Sweet Potato Spinach Bites, or dry them and make chew treats.

#3 Frozen veggies

Frozen broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and peas make excellent kibble toppers! Just steam and cool the veggies, then add to your pup's meal.

#4 Natural peanut butter

This one is a no-brainer! Feed PB to your pup on a spoon, in a kong, or in cookie form, and they'll love you forever. (Be sure to avoid brands with added sugars or xylitol.) 

#5 Nutritional yeast

Nooch is high in protein and packed with B vitamins, making it the perfect seasoning for your pup's kibble. Pair it with our Savory Vegan Kibble Oil recipe to add a little extra zest.

Does your pup have a favorite vegan pantry staple? Let us know on Instagram @vdogfood!


V-dog is a vegan owned and operated family business serving up wholesome kibble and treats since 2005. Our nutritious products are a huge hit with our doggie customers, and of course our farmed animal friends. Learn more about vegan diets for dogs here.

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